Skin and teeth clinic - Facial treatments

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Skin and teeth clinic - Facial treatments

Aromatherapy Facial

This traditional facial provides holistic benefits vital for radiant healthy skin. Using aromatherapy preparation, this cleansing and calming facial is designed to suit your skin’s individual rebalancing requirements. An uplifting sensory experience of skin care and total pampering.

Revitalising Fruit Enzyme Facial

A highly efficient fruit-based treatment that brings back to life dull skin, making a visibly revitalised complexion. Brightens complexion and improves luminosity and clarity. Fine lines and wrinkles seem softened.

Purely Age Defying Treatment

Rich in nature’s most effective ingredients to meet the concerns of ageing skin. This treatment helps to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fade discolorations and lightens skin for increased radiance.

Skin Brightening Facial

This high performance brightening facial helps to lower the visible appearance of skin discolouration, as it evens out skin tone and improves radiance. Ideal for clients concerned with sun spots, post blemish marks and hyper discolouration.